Business & Corporations

Your vision.  Our knowledge.

Zihmer Law Firm takes your vision and helps you get to the next level.  Our background in business formation and corporate governance ensure that your business is set on the best possible path.  Who better to help you than another entrepreneur?  Zihmer Law Firm shares your forward thinking and can help you achieve your goals.  We did it, now let us guide you.

What makes us different?

When our founder, Tracy, formed Zihmer Law Firm she understood the fear that small business owners, especially startups, have when it comes to cost.  Everything is about cash flow and the bottom line.  Therefore, 95% of Zihmer Law Firm's business services are on a flat fee basis.  Get rid of that archaic hourly billing - that's a thing of the past.  That way, you know exactly what you are getting up front without the fear of getting a bill for every call that you make to your attorney.  Let's face it - starting a business is hard work, things come up and questions arise.  We at Zihmer Law Firm want you to get the answers you need without trying to guess on your own because you don't want to receive a bill from your attorney.

Zihmer Law Firm can help you with your: