The new standard for clients

You have a dream, vision, or plan.  But how do you make it happen?  You need the  Pittsburgh Attorney from the Zihmer Law Firm on your team. They can help you take the next step. Seek guidance with an estate planning and business succession planning lawyer will protect your future, and solidify your legacy.  You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that there is one less thing to worry about because you have the right legal team on your side.  

  • We hold ourselves accountable
  • We believe in honor and integrity
  • We are forthright and upfront
  • We work for you

Zihmer Law Firm believes in working for you and working with you.  We take your ideas, intentions, and thoughts and help turn them into reality.  Whether it be protecting what is yours, starting a new chapter, or helping others, Zihmer Law Firm has the know-how to get it done.  

We believe in old school principles like handshakes and your word.  We believe in new school ideas like electronic signature and virtual meetings.  Today's world is fast paced and ever changing and we combine the best of the old with the best of the new to server you better.  What others see as challenges, we see as opportunities.  We break the mold.  Where others say it can't be done, we go around, over, or through.  

Zihmer Law Firm, the new standard for clients.