Business Formation & Corporate Governance

Helping small to mid-sized businesses take the next step.

Zihmer Law Firm provides guidance to startups about forming a legal business, drafting of operating and shareholder agreements, and preparation of annual minutes.  We've been there ourselves and understand what you are doing.

Zihmer Law Firm can help answer the following questions and many more:

  • Should my business be a corporation, LLC, partnership or some other type of company?
  • Do I really need Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreements, By Laws, etc. and what should be included in them?
  • Should I have annual meetings?
  • What can I do to make sure my personal stuff is not connected to my business?
  • Should I have a partner or investor?
  • I want to take a loan from my friend/family/colleague - can I, should I?
  • How will I be taxed in my business?
  • Should I hire employees or independent contractors?

Contact Zihmer Law Firm today for a consultation on how to take your business through the next steps! 

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